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1. India Press Club of North America and its chapters are a professional organization with the aim of improving journalistic standards.

2. The headquarters of the club shall be in New York. A Working office can be located at any city to suit the convenience of the General Secretary and the President of the club.

3. For the purpose of this Constitution, the term Journalist means a person ACTIVELY associated with any newspaper establishment or news agency or TV/RADIO channel and includes all categories of Journalists and News Producers, News Reporters, News camera persons and News Editors of TV/Radio channels. Journalist

4. Active media people and legal residents will be the members. They must have at least two years as an active media person. They have to pay a one time fee of $100.00; Others can become associate members. They have to pay a one time fee of $50.00. Associate members will not be allowed to vote or become officials of the club.
(i) All members must be loyal to India Press Club of North America, and give up any allegiance to other similar organizations.

5. The entire membership of the Club shall be reviewed every two years by the executive. A person seeking membership should apply to the chapter in the prescribed form. Two members of the club should sign the form. The national Advisory Committee will scrutinize the application before approval.

6. A person shall cease to be a Member on retirement or voluntary retirement or a change of profession.
(i) The advisory board and executive together can dismiss or disqualify a person from the membership of IPCNA if he/she is found to be working with other similar organizations without prior approval from IPCNA boards (Advisory and Executive).

7. The Executive of the Club shall establish Chapters in various cities or states. There shall not be more than one Chapter in one city. No Chapter shall be formed with less than 3 members.

8. Each Chapter shall have its own rules for functioning with relevance to the conditions in thearea, but not in violation to the provisions and aims and objectives enjoined in this Constitution.

9. Officials should be elected for the chapters first and then for the national committee every two years in November-December. As far as possible, elections should be held in consensus, avoiding contests. New officials shall take charge in January.

10. The Club shall have as its office bearers a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, a Jt.Secretary and a Treasurer. The presidents of the chapters will become regional vice presidents automatically. It will also have an Advisory Board. The members of the board will be the retiring president and secretary. They will be in the board for four years. The senior most former president will be the chairman and the senior most secretary will be the vice chairman. The current president and secretary will be members. Advisory Board will conduct the election/selection. It will scrutinize the membership. It will also be responsible for constitution amendments.

11. Those holding the post such as President, Vice President, General Secretary, Jt. Secretary, Treasurer can hold the same post only for two consecutive terms at a time. Only those actively and directly working for a news media alone will be eligible to be elected as national officials. People indirectly associated with media are not eligible. At the chapter level, the president and secretary shall be a person actively and directly working for an active news media.

12. President: The President shall be the head of the Club and shall supervise and control the activities of the Club and its day-to-day work. He/She shall preside over all Executive Committee Meetings, General Body Meetings, Special Conferences and conferences and meetings of subcommittees when necessary.

13. Vice-President: In the absence of the President, the Vice-Presidents shall help the General Secretary and other office-bearers in the discharge of the duties of the President.

14. General Secretary: The General Secretary shall maintain the records of the proceedings of the Union’s meetings and activities and sign bills and vouchers. He/she shall also ensure proper maintenance of a register of members of the Club and records relating to various assets and projects and negotiations involving the Club.

15. Jt. Secretary: The Jt. Secretary shall assist the General Secretary in the discharge of his/herduties and shall generally function under the guidance and directives of the President and the General Secretary.

16. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall operate the bank account of the Club and shall help in maintaining the accounts and funds of the Club.

17. The Club can be dissolved by a specific resolution passed by a two-third majority of the total membership at an extraordinary general body meeting/conference of the Club specially convened for the purpose, provided that 30 day’s clear notice is given for such a meeting/conference and the dissolution resolution is circulated to all Members.

18. When there are disputes about any issue, a committee with three independent members selected for that purpose should make a decision, which should be binding on all and final.© COPYRIGHT 2019-2020 · INDIA PRESS CLUB OF NORTH AMERICA

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